Friday, August 04, 2006

Things to do in a New York summer

-Start blog.
-Post a little.
-Get a houseguest.
-Get houseguest's brother plus wife to round out the houseguest roster.
-Spend the next few days running around with them like mad and melting your brain in the heat wave.
-Feel guilty that you're housing them in an apartment without air conditioning. In the room with the computer (and not a lot of wiggle room when you fill it with an air mattress and three people's stuff). So you can't upload photos from your computer to flickr and from flickr to finish the blog posts that otherwise ready to roll.
-Flick(r) the sweat from your brow, prow, and everywhere else, because girl, you are DRIPPING.
-Vow to self that you will clean house this weekend and get those crazy pictures in/up/on.
-Borrow office camera in a desperate attempt to put some sort of picture in a post: your favorite SoHo graffiti! Discover it's been shifted just today after being there for over a year, and post it anyway.

Because the world should know that in SoHo, even the graffiti taggers want you to




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