Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I totally blog, f'real.

Marci just won't let me give up on the blogging before I begin, so here I am. Less than a month since the last post. Made this a while ago, but it's new to you:

Kristina Pencil Bag

Zippy Pencil Pouch made from upholstery fabric with upholstery fabric applique. First one with the Ever-Intended and Finally-Implemented Pull Tab.

Made as a birthday gift for a friend of a friend. I almost changed the shape entirely but she does great artwork and she's the type who draws a lot and always has her stuff with her, thought it might be good to leave it long enough for pens/pencils/markers. It was supremely satisfying to see her delight and know that it is being USED. She actually had been carrying her pencils in a ziploc and tried to not mess with it in the middle of her party... but in the end, she really just couldn't wait and tranferred all of her stuff right away. Yay!


Blogger Green Kitchen said...

Yes, don't give it up. I think your stuff is different, a breath of fresh air, as it were. :)

10/19/2006 4:34 PM  

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