Monday, October 23, 2006

Adventures in Inspiration

I've been really busy making and checking out what other folks are making lately, but NOT so busy taking pictures of my own stuff, so enough about me. Let's talk about them.

Song of Saint Joan
Pamela Niskanen
Photo by Jason Mandella

Just this weekend, me, the Mr., our roommate, and a pal of hers headed out to check out A.G.A.S.T. the Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour. We were definitely more agog than aghast. We saw work by two friends of ours and a lot of other folks besides. First stop was our friend Pamela who's got a welding studio and a great sense for sculpture. She makes some pieces that have moving parts and all her pieces are really just stunning. I'm not often very interested in sculpture, but she's got it going on. Check her out at:

We meandered through several other studios to slowly make our way to the Brooklyn Artist's Gym where we saw some nice charcoal drawings done by our friend Courtney. In that building, we also met an amazing oil painter, Debra Goertz, whose website does no justice to the beauty of her paintings. She and the Mr. also had a grand conversation about favorite radio shows, as she was playing Jonathan Schwartz, a regular at our house.

As always, it was inspiring and fun to see so many people doing so much work. So many people doing it, going for it, being it. I'm glad they're there and that they share their work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhh, but have they seen the mobile literary encyclopaedia you have going? ahhh ahhh, Red Emma. how you twirl and preen given the slightest breeze.

10/26/2006 1:46 AM  

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