Thursday, November 09, 2006

Weaving a House

House 1 Detail
Weaving was my first and still deepest textile passion. I've done it here and there in bits and pieces, on "toy" looms and handmade weaving boards and a rigid heddle loom in high school and at FIT (Fashion Institute for Technology) in New York.

The Sheila Hicks: Weaving as Metaphor show at Bard Graduate Center recently was really gorgeous and inspiring. I went with better bloggers than I: Marci, who writes about it here, and then also with Kay, who wrote about it here. Almost every amazing piece of that show was woven on a little homemade loom, basically a picture frame with nails at the top and bottom to string the warp on.

It brought to mind the fun times I've had with simple little homemade weaving boards, too. I had been thinking of making small-scale houses from fabric and starting thinking about a 3-D weaving frame to weave little houses.

Voila. The first piece, finished yesterday afternoon:

House 1 Three Views

My homemade frame:
House 1 on Red Shelf

The Glamour Shot, on the Danish Modern rosewood shelf with the Amber Modern red wall:
House 1 on Red Shelf

Click on photos for more views, including In Progress shots with it still in the frame.

Kay gave me the tip-off that I'm not the only one who had to weave after seeing that show - check out Little Red Hen's piece here.


Blogger futuregirl said...

That last shot was great. :) I'm really loving your woven home. It's great to hear about your inspiration and process. It adds a lot to the warmth of your piece.

11/10/2006 8:56 AM  
Anonymous Kay said...

Did you see the quote in the book (or was it on the wall? the wall I think) about how she wanted to weave a house???? I wrote that one DOWN.

Love the dolly house. Yurty!

11/10/2006 11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how glorious is this? it looks like you've woven an abode inspired by Beeker! i just read Jeff's blog about your fabulous party. you are the new Algonquin Round Table proprietors.
love you, pix of computer stand and Junk2Funk designs soon. in the meantime, bundles of love, woven in the tapestry of my soul.

11/10/2006 11:38 PM  
Blogger marcisenders said...

It's incredible!!! You should rent it out, in NYC studios are going for big bucks. I think my place may be just a little bit bigger.

11/10/2006 11:53 PM  
Blogger AmberCake said...

Thanks, everybody. Marci's idea to rent is genius! It's absolutely the best way to make money in this town. I wonder if I can get people in for the 1st...

11/11/2006 9:02 AM  
Blogger Carson said...

Love it.
Love the glam shot.
Since I got into knitting I've really wanted to start weaving as well but have been somewhat put off by the idea of having to fit a large loom into what's left of the kitchen.

12/06/2006 6:08 PM  

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