Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Piiiiiiig!

I mentioned in my last post that there was a mug. With a pig. Deserving of its very own post.

Check out this pig.

The Coffeecorn Pig

He's trying to get to the corn at the bottom! I love him so much it's hard to not squeal and use exclamation points!

Yeah, yeah, like that...

In other news, in a far-off distant universe of Knitting After The Blanket, I've got some great yarn that a friend gave me - enough for a garment. I've been thinking of a vest, a little lacy, maybe with a vertical rib with some openness. And I was at a post-Christmas sale and found this sweater, which is almost great but not quite big enough. (ahem - too many cookies) Anyway, I picked it up anyway for further consideration at my own home (does it really fit with the things under that I would wear...). Before I return it, I had the presence of mind to trace the outline and take a picture. I always tell myself "oh, sure, yeah, like that..." but then I find it a little difficult to remember exactly what "like that" was, much less draft the thing up. A tiny step towards making this actually happen. Even better, this is something I would wear over a tank top, so it would be a spring/summer/fall garment. Meaning there's some sort of chance I could make it in time to wear it, as there's no way I'm getting this done while it's still cold enough for a vest.


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