Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekend Tease

I've been sorely lacking in many important ways this week: SLEEP, blog posting, and photo sessions. I'm catching up in that order.

I'm NOT lacking in finished objects. If Blogger behaves this weekend and I'm able to use it again, I will show you pictures of:

- A knitted square for Larissa

- The finished chair

- Progress on The Blanket

- How (not) to make a delicious coffee flan

- Yarn details on the hat pattern

I mean, can you STAND the anticipation? Ha! I know that most of us are keeping these blogs as self-inspiration, self-motivation, and keeping self in check, so I think you understand.


Blogger Carson said...

yep, i hear ya loud & clear about the priorities of catching up.

1/27/2007 6:35 PM  

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