Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sling Shots

This babywearing picture is so wrong. Baby is in the sling wrong, sling is incorrectly slung on me, which would result in sore back/shoulder/neck. I was wearing it sitting, using it to take a little of his weight out of my arms while getting him to sleep. I love the little leg swinging out.

Bad BabyWearing

Then I put him down in the sling, among the fabrics. I MADE that sling, and I'm going to make a few for friends - gotta pick fabrics. (Yes, yes, after this picture, I moved him to a safe spot and covered him up more warmly)


We saw someone with a similar style, and though I thought it was a simple design, maybe easy to make, I knew we needed it NOW and figured it would be well worth the $20 or $30 to pick one up. Except it was SEVENTY DOLLARS at the store.

For SEVENTY DOLLARS, we agreed that we'd wait a couple of days. If I couldn't get new-tired-mumma together to make one in a few days, the store would still have it. If I could sew a tube of fabric with a curve in the join, I'd have seventy dollars more for chocolate. It was so crazy easy that I'm going to make a few more, for the wonderful friends who have been so tremendously helpful and have babes & babes-to-be of their own.

I think for sophisticated urban papas like this dude's dad, I could do one out of suiting fabric with either a very nice shirting or some sort of dark, dense, smooth washable fabric on the inside - perhaps like a suit lining, but a little sturdier than the standard. Even in all the fancy fabrics, it would beat the store price.

Project details, such as they are:
Fabric: Stash: some khaki cotton + a hand block -printed sheet made by a friend of a friend
Pattern: Found via Mamma's Milk - I used these directions at Jan Andrea.