Tuesday, May 29, 2007

un-Photo Finish

I did finish my half of the Kay-n-Amber Half-and-Half Afghans for Afghans Mother's Day Baby Blanket Challenge blanket, while standing on a train, on the morning of the day I was to hand it off to Kay.

I didn't get a picture. But Kay did: click here for the full shenanigans.

Since then, I've gotten been back to mitering away at another baby blanket, this one for a dear friend.

Baby Miters

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Kay-n-Amber Half-and-Half Afghans for Afghans Mother's Day Baby Blanket Challenge.


It's turning into something. I got a little past the halfway mark this morning.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How the other half knits

Dear Kay,

I know that usually only Ann writes open letters to you like this, but I hope she'll forgive me this once.

Since you keep shouting from the rooftops about how you're all, like, finished with your half of this blanket and oh, some other stuff just happened to fall off your needles in the meantime, I figured it was high time for a WIP shot.

KnA A4A Co-Blanket WIP

I took this picture at my desk after I got this morning's subway commuter knitting done. It's already a little bit bigger, now that I've done my working-schmuck's lunch break knitting. It will be a little big bigger tonight after I do my evening's subway commuter knitting done.

AmberCake Fakin' It Day-Job-Knitter's Tips:
- You don't need a seat on the subway to knit. Just a place to lean. This includes leaning on the doors, but be courteous and pick up your things and scoot it when you're at a station.
- Some leaning spots are more well-lit than others.
- If you're carrying around a really rather large bag of yarn for your project (two balls each of three colors), go ahead and put it in a plastic bag and knit from the floor. Honestly, you cannot lie to yourself that this is a big step from hanging a big bag of yarn from your elbow and knitting from that. This saves arm strain and improves circulation.
- Exception #1 to bag-on-the-floor is mohair. I do wash everything before I consider it finished, but the danger of what mohair will pick up and not release is not worth it, especially for what a light fiber it is to carry.
- Exception #2 to bag-on-the-floor is when you can cram it all into your messenger bag and wear it across the chest and knit out of that bag. Requires extra caution if you are also bringing lunch to work. Also a danger to consider with this option is Velcro on the bag. Danger is reduced by knitting with cotton.
- Teach all your co-workers to knit so someone will always be ready for a knitting lunch hour.

This is totally going to look great, right? I mean, that feeling I get when I look at yours and I think that these blanket halves have no common coloration at all, well, that's just totally wrong, right? It's going to be great.

Or we'll swap yarn now that the deadline is extended and knit other halves for our other halves or something. But we wouldn't have to do that, because it'll be awesome, right?