Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Win Some, Lose Some

The Chair posed for pictures, and is now in service at my desk.

Plain Canvas

The square was not sent and will be frogged. I followed the recommended needle size and yarn and heeded when it was stated that the number of stitches was more important than the exact size. However, at 2 inches or 30% over requested size, it was unfit. I think the squares that didn't make the cut for the book were going to be made up into blankets for charity, but for the trouble of fitting it in, the undurability of such a loosely knit bit in a sock yarn for a blanket... I was more excited to use even tinier needles and re-use the yarn for something else. Someday.

Progress on The Blanket was almost nil. I have some more Thoughts on The Blanket, but the Actions haven't followed along yet.

Babka Baking
Babka was baked.
Babka was eaten.
Good Enough to Eat

Yarn was purchased and socks were begun. (Brown Sheep sportweight, heathery brown, for The Jeff Next Door, first time trying toe-up.)

The house was cleaned.

Is it the next weekend yet?


Blogger futuregirl said...

"Is it the weekend?" is the question I'm always asking, too. :) I love that you calculated the percentage by which your square was over-sized. :)

1/31/2007 8:27 AM  

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